トークイベントのお知らせ Talk Event at Seikosha Book in Kyoto

吉田亮人写真集「The Absence of Two」の刊行を記念し、トークイベントを開催します。




開催日 2017年11月5日(日) 時間19時-21時

会場 誠光社

定員 30名さま

参加費 1500円+1ドリンクオーダー

電話番号 075-708-8340

In commemoration of the publication of Akihito Yoshida  photo book “The Absence of Two”, a talk event will be held.

Yoshida kept taking pictures of his 88-year-old grandmother living in Miyazaki Prefecture and his 23-year old cousin.

“We will record the time of these two people who will not be far in the future someday”

And as I wrote in the essay of the time, this story which was supposed to end with grandmother’s death will be cut off in the form of cousin’s sudden suicide.
In this talk event, not only the stories related to this story, but also the photographs of the leaves of two people who were living together were gathered and the back side of the production summarized in a photograph collection, etc.
I will talk with Mr. Tamon Yahagi of the Book designer.

Date:  5. November 2017 Sunday   19:00~21:00

Venue : Seikosha Book Store

Capacity : 30 people

Fee : 1,500yen ( 1 drink order )

How to book:
Email: s-contact@seikosha-books.com
( Please describe the event you wish to attend, name, phone number )
It can be accepted by telephone
Seikosha Book Store : 075-708-8340

Tamon Yahagi, a painter/book designer, was born in 1980 in Yokohama, Japan. After first visit to Nepal in 1990, started to travel in India and Nepal many times .
Left school at first grade of junior high school and started to draw miniature paintings with pen. While teenage lived in both South India and Japan, and held exhibitions at Ginza and Yokohama every year.
After 2002 started to work as a book designer and designed more than 400 titles till now.
Since 2012 settling down in Kyoto and try to fascinate people with books by taking workshops, producing book ideas, and writing.
In 2014,  published a book “Guuzen no Souteika” (A Fluke Book Designer, how to survive without employeed), Shobunsha publishing, Tokyo.