CANON PHOTO CIRCLE / July 2020 issue

CANONが発行する会報誌「CANON PHOTO CIRCLE」に作品掲載して頂きました。

My work has been published in CANON PHOTO CIRCLE, a newsletter published by CANON.
This is a photo of a puppet theater group in a village called Uppinakudur in Karnataka, India, which I interviewed with Tamon Yahagi, a bookbinder, in January 2019.
We focused on the work, life, and land of the troupe, with a focus on the leader, Mr. Bhaskar, who has been protecting and developing the 450-year-old puppet show.
They say that “smartphones are our rivals,” and they frequently perform not only in India but also overseas, building a puppet academy in their village, training young performers, and gathering traditional performers from around the country for performances.
What attracted me to them more than anything else was the fact that they were based in a small rural village, but were always working with an eye on the world, and that they were not afraid to change while continuing to pass on their traditions.
Just the fact that such a person exists is really reassuring, or rather, a guideline.
I am currently working with Tamon to compile this work into a photo book, which will be published in multiple volumes.

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