Solo Exhibition “The Absence of Two”  吉田亮人 写真集「The Absence of Two」刊行記念写真展

吉田亮人 写真集「The Absence of Two」刊行記念写真展


本展示とあわせて、この作品をまとめた写真集「The Absence of Two」(111部限定・写真家自らによる手製本オリジナル写真集)を10部のみ予約販売受付致します。店頭のみの受付になります。
また、11月5日(土)には装丁家の矢萩多聞氏とトークイベントを開催します。 是非お越し下さい。

11月1日(水)〜15日(水) 10時〜20時(イベント開催日・最終日のみ18時まで)


11月5日(日) 18時半開場 19時開始
電話番号 075-708-8340

Akihito Yoshida’s Original handmade Photobook  “The Absence of Two”  publication commemoration Exhibition

Born in 1980, Yoshida Akihito resigned from his occupation as a primary school teacher to pursue a career in photography, and since then has continued to produce works that earnestly confront the intentions and emotions that lie within human beings. In recent years, he has self-published two photobooks on the theme of “what it means to work.” The first is Brick Yard (2014), a documentation of seasonal workers at a brick factory in Bangladesh who perform manual labor without the help of machines. The second, Tannery, captures the harsh working environment inside a tanning plant in Bangladesh. There is always a certain warmth in Yoshida’s gaze as he follows his subjects. He conveys a sense of human dignity that never ceases to prevail even under such harsh working conditions, allowing it to emerge as a radiant ray of light.

Together with this exhibition, only 10 copies of the photobook “The Absence of Two” (limited to 111 copies / photographers’ own hand-bound original photo books) will be accepted for booking. It will only be accepted at stores.
In addition, on November 5 (Saturday), we will hold a talk event with Mr. Yagi Tatami, a binding expert.  Please come.

Exhibition Date
1.November~15.November      10:00~20:00

Seikosha Book Store

Talk Event
5.November     open 18:30   Start 19:00
1,500 yen (One drink Order)
capacity  30 people