SOLO EXHIBITION “The Absence of Two” 5 Aug~ 20 Aug 2017

Solo Exhibition ” The Absence of Two”














Reminders Photography Stronghold




5.Aug ~ 20. Aug  2017



Reminders Photography Stronghold


Opening Reception and Talk Event

18:00~     5.Aug 2017    Fee  500yen


The town kunitomi is located Miyazaki Prefecture in Kyushu Japan. This small and peaceful rural town with it’s field is where my grandmother,who was born in 1928, and my cousin Daiki, who was born in 1990, lived together.

On behalf of his busy parents, grandmother carefully raised and took care of Daiki from the time he was a child, living with him in the same house, eating and sleeping in the same room together.

One day Daiki mentioned to me.

“Since I grew up showered by grandma’s affection, I think it’s natural that I take care of her until she dies.”

True to his words, Daiki remained by my grandmother’s side ever after becoming a student at a nursing university, continuing to live with her and fully devoting himself to her care.

Until I began photographing them, I had observed their small everyday world as nothing out of the ordinary. The image of Daiki off to university. The image of the two of them relaxing on the floor, chatting about small things. Now, however, every time I look at the images I continued to document of the two thought my lens, as both a family member and a photographer , these seemingly ordinary scenes appear as precious moment.

This story was supposed to come to an end with my grandmother’s death, which would no doubt come in the not-so-distant future. However, it unexpectedly ended in a different way.

“I wonder where he’s gone to? He went out on his motorbike and hasn’t been back since”

At the end of February in 2014, Daiki suddenly went missing. There being nothing she could do, my grandmother just stood in front of the window and kept waiting for Daiki to return home. Almost a year passed without any word of his whereabouts, until one day Daiki’s body was found in the anything behind, and had brought an end to the 23 years of his life. As if following in his footsteps, in the following year my grandmother passed away.

The last thing that remained were countless photographs of the two and their life together, all the time needing each other, supporting each other, and caring for each other. Thought there photographs, which capture images of his small everyday life in this rural town, I try to reach out to them, and to engage in a dialogue with them once again.